About Dr. Johnson

I am a clinical psychologist with a background in neuropsychology and certified in Integrative Health. I have been working with kids for over 30 years, in private practice for 20 years and specializing in working with gifted kids and their families for the past 15 years.   My practice is focused on optimizing well being and building resilience through meaningful therapeutic relationships and utilizing science based mind-body strategies.  
I started my undergraduate study of psychology with the intention of becoming a Sports Psychologist (I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years). My interest in child development, neurobiology, and experience helping children in shelters and treatment centers sent me on a path to a clinical degree.  In graduate school, I conducted research at the U of MN in Pediatric Neuropsychology but my passion has always been therapy.  I use my neuropsychology background to help clients understand the results of psychological assessments and guide my understanding of the mind-body connection.  
My career also includes developing an early childhood intervention program for a community mental health center, working at Minneapolis Children's Hospital Adolescent Medicine clinic and their eating disorder program, and working with the Minnesota Department of Health, Children's Mental Health to write a mental health screening tool for primary care clinics. In my doctoral training at Mayo Clinic, I trained in childhood sexual abuse and neuropsychology. During my internship at Denver Children's Hospital, I trained in their eating disorder, neurotrama and neuropsychology departments, child abuse prevention forensic team, and general inpatient and outpatient programs. 
I opened my private practice in 2001. Since 2011 I have been passionate about working with the gifted and talented population, helping build a strong network of professionals working with gifted in the Twin Cities, and presenting at local,state, and national conferences to help others understanding this unique and amazing population.
After personally and professionally seeing the importance of the mind-body connection on wellbeing, I completed the Integrative Health and Lifestyles program at the University of Arizona's Center for Integrative Medicine in 2018.  This provided a greater understanding of the science, the importance of self care and helps guide my approach. 
Outside my practice, I enjoy walking Minnehaha Creek with my dog, paddleboarding, lifting weights, nature photography, gardening, reading nerdy science articles, spending time with my family, traveling, and trying new restaurants.